Welcome to M3 – Money Management Ministry

Helping God’s People Invest Wisely for Kingdom Purpose

Money Management Ministry is a financial organization that offers resources for ministries and churches that desire to invest reserve or excess funds for purposes of growth. Whether a church or other Christian ministry, M3 offers a means of saving for building funds, long range projects, or other goals.

Money Management Trusts (MMT) established with M3 offer several advantages over CDs. Once an MMT is established, additional funds may be added at any time. The funds are not locked for a specific period of time, making them available for the unexpected. Funds may be withdrawn at any time without incurring penalties. There are no monthly or annual fees that will reduce earnings.




M3 wisely invests funds in government-backed instruments and dividend yielding stocks. Historically, Money Management Ministries has offered competitive, and in most cases, higher yields than most CDs or money market accounts.

Starting a Money Management Trust is not difficult. An account can be opened with a minimum of $1,000. Multiple accounts can be created if needed. Completion of a short application for the organization will help your leadership team start building for the future today.